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  • Aether Replacement Tank
    The Aether Replacement Tank is the tank with expanded vaping capabilities. It allows for adjustable airflow to control the draw of your vapes and uses Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) technology to enhance the flavor of your favorite E-Liquid. FEATURES Double Leak-Proof Structure Variable Voltage and..
  • Calypso 50 Watt Mod Box. Digital Power Bank.
    The Voodoo Calypso 50 Watt Box Mod provides such good battery life and stable performance that this large capacity power bank can be used to power your mobile phone. FEATURES Built-In Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Low Resistance Alert OLED Display Screen Charging Light Indicator Power..
  • Falcon 40 Watt Mod Box.
    With the Voodoo Falcon 40 Watt Box Mod you can change the resistance by as little as 0.5 increments, allowing you to fine-tune the vapor just how you like it. FEATURES 510 Cushion Connection Built-In Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Low Resistance Alert OLED Screen Compatible with 510 Th..
  • Helix Dual Coil Crystal Tank.
    The Helix Tank is perfect for the vape enthusiast who wants more. Its patented Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) design ensures the purest vapor with its double leak-proof tank easy top and bottom fill. FEATURES Double Leak-Proof Structure Changeable Bottom Dual Coils (BDC) Detachable For Easy Cleani..
  • Neilo Mod Vaporizer.
    The Voodoo Nelio Box Mod is perfect for the advanced vapor who demands the most from every experience. You can control the voltage and wattage to amp up your e-liquid's flavor and to get the kind of vapor and throat hit you like without the risk of overheating. 510 Thread Spring-Loaded Connection..
  • Phoenix Dual Coil Glass Tank
    The Phoenix is the tank for the avid vape enthusiast. Made with a larger tank so you can enjoy your favorite E-Liquids longer. Its dual coils will give you a warmer vape and extra vapor production. FEATURES No Leakage Easy To Clean Variable Voltage and MOD Battery Cleaning Compatible With..
  • Raptor Adjustable Adjustable Flow.
    This huge 4.0ml tank has a sturdy build and is designed for plenty of action. Features adjustable airflow for better vaping and is compatible with adjustable wattage and voltage mod batteries. FEATURES Easy Bottom-Fill Tank Replaceable Bottom Vertical Atomizer Adjustable Airflow for Better..
  • Revolv Single Coil Glass Tank.
    Keep your vape going with the Revolv Replacement Tank. Its bottom-load easy-fill design and glass exterior allow you to fill up easily and quickly anyplace, anywhere. FEATURES Easy Fill Bottom Load Easy To Clean Compatible With All eGo Style Batteries. CONTENTS 2.0ml Glass Bottom-Loa..
  • Revolv Variable Voltage Vaporizer
    The Vaporizer With An Exotic Twist. Personalize your vaping experience with Revolv, the vaporizer with variable voltage technology to enhance the flavor and vapor of your favorite E-Liquids. You can easily adjust the battery between 3.2 and 4.8 volts to suit your personal taste. Short Circuit Pro..
  • Talon E Pipe Vaporizer
    A unique style for the unique vapist. The Voodoo Talon puts a modern twist on the classic tobacco pipe to make you the center of attention. FEATURES Superlast Lithium-Ion Battery Portable Pipe  Easy to Use. CONTENTS Lithium-Ion Battery E-Pipe Wall Charger Instruction Manual. ..
    Replacement Bottom Dual Coils for The Voodoo Aether Tank. FEATURES 1.5 Ohms Bottom Dual Coil PRODUCT DETAILS Product Dimensions   Specs 1.5 Ohms Bottom Dual Coil CONTENTS Bottom Dual Coil ..
    Replacement Bottom Dual Coils for The Voodoo Helix Tank. FEATURES 1.5 Ohms Bottom Dual Coil PRODUCT DETAILS Product Dimensions   Specs 1.5 Ohms Bottom Dual Coil CONTENTS Bottom Dual Coil ..